New gTLDs

Jean Guillon
Jean Guillon

This is a fast note for those who yet not have read my articles (mostly on CirlcleId and JournalDuNet) or...for those who still have questions about new generic Top-Level Domains, the dotVinum project for wine Registries (.wine - .vin and .vino) or simply...domain names.

My name is Jean Guillon and I am in the new gTLD business (new gTLD" stands for "new generic Top-Level Domains") and traditional domain name business. I am a consultant who's had positions as a Registrant for a major Trademark, Corporate and Retail Registrars & old and new Registries.

A "new gTLD" is a domain name extension, note it is not a domain name but only what comes in the end of it: is a domain name, the gTLD here is ".com".

In 2009, I created a project for wine Registries, domain name extensions for people in any business related to wine and in multiple languages. I called it "project dotVinum" and today, most of what I do is explained on top of this page after you've clicked on hyperlinks pointing to my activities. I advise people who need real answers when the speech is unclear about new gTLDs: what does it really cost? Who should I work with? Who are these people? How do I promote my domain name extension? How do I earn money launching a new domain name extension ? Is it worth it? How do I find the right person to talk to in a specific Country? What are Premium domain names and Pioneer Programs, where should I buy a new domain name, etc...

Have a question about .WINE and .VIN new gTLDs? Ask me or join the new generic Top-Level Domains group on LinkedIn and ask your questions. I moderate this group of 2050+ members and if I can't answer your question, chances are high that a member of the group will be able to.

I like what I do and new gTLDs are a fascinating subject. When something needs to be written about an irregularity at ICANN, it is not a problem for me and most of the time, when I shout, I shout out loud. So whatever you have noticed, drop me a line.

Some of my recent projects: launched in April 2014. It is an opinion website where members from the new generic Top-Level Domain community, can come to write about new gTLDs. Professionals, new gTLD applicants, law firms, Registrars and Registrants are welcome to join the club. Expressing an opinion on is free but I do not publish bad promotion or articles dedicated to the glory of new gTLD service providers. On my websites, I always search for new sponsors so you are welcome to contact my company if you are interested in becoming a sponsor.